Free PC Game: Mount Descent (Roll Ball Down a Mountain)


Written in just two and a half days, this Marble Madness-inspired game challenges you to roll your ball down a mountain, collecting coins along the way. to move the ball, you must rotate the mountain up, down, left and right, and rotate the camera to make things eaiser to see. It`s simple but tricky, and very addictive!

Download Mount Descent HERE

Free Photo Editor: Image Tuner 7 (effects and actions, such as flip, rotate, colorize, crop and filter)



Image Tuner can make changes to batches of photos all at once, including resizing and renaming them, stripping out or updating information and converting them one format to another. It can also apply some effects and actions, such as flip, rotate, colorize, crop and filter and ass borders.

Download Image Tuner 7 HERE 

Download Video or Sound only From Youtube with Free Video Downloader: Tartube 2


While most YouTube viewers are happy to stream videos, it`s occaslonally useful to download a copy to watch offline.
For legal reasons, this isn`t a feature YouTube offers, but Tartube makes it easy to download not only videos but playlists  and entire channels. You don`t have any choice over which file format to use - MP4 is the default option - but you can option for `Sound only` in the download Options screen.

Download Tartube 2 HERE 

Facebook Messenger (For Windows 10 users)



Facebook has rolled out a new version of its Messenger chat client For Windows 10 users.
This app was designed for use on big screens, and offers free texting and high quality voice and video chat, making it ideal for people working from home. You can take part in one-on-one or group chats.

Download Facebook Messenger HERE 

Free Download Manager ( DownZemAll )


DownZemAll is a rewrite of the old DownThemAll download manager for Firefox. You can use it to select, organise and run miltiple downloads in parallel.
Just enter the web address of a site that contains download links and select a save location.

Download Manager HERE 

Record Gifs from your browser you've


Simply launch the site and get the content you wish to capture ready. Then click Start Recording and choose whether to record the entire screen, an application window or a browser tab. Once you've finished recording, you can trim the lenght of your clip by adjusting the slider beneath, or crop it by highlighting the part of the screen you want to keep. Then select render to produce a downloadable GIF.

Visit website HERE