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Tiger Red T10 Grand HD Receiver New Software Update Download

Red Tiger T10 Grand, Hello viewers Today I am going to share with you in this post Of a tiger receiver family Tiger Red T10 Grand New and Old Software Collection You can also explore the upcoming new software in this same post Complete specification Details share of this receiver

Tiger Red T10 Grand New Software Installation

You Need To Upgrade The Software When The Receiver Releases New Software. Whenever New Software Is Released, In This Post You Will Be Given The Link Below, You Can Download it From Here After Copying The Software To Usb Drive You Go To The Receiver'S Multimedia And Upgrade The Software You Can Also Upgrade Through Online Internet

Below You Are Given A Link To Download The Software In Which You Are Given The Version Date And Software Number On Which You Can Download The Software By Clicking

Software Version And  Release Date   Download
1. RED TIGER_T10 GRAND_V1.90_29/04/2022  


2. RED TIGER_T10 GRAND_V1.57_07-01-2021  


3. RED TIGER_T10 GRAND_V1.61_07-04-2021  


Tiger Red T10 Grand Specification

Tiger Red T10 Grand Digital Satellite Dish Receiver. Which Is One Of The Famous Manufactures In Tiger Company By Going To Satellite It Has A 15-Month Server To Watch  Europe And Asian Satellite Channels You Get A Lot Of Iptv Applications In It Which Is Very Easy To Use When You Get Free Iptv And Pad Iptv Packages In Iptv It Is Very Easy To Work For Everyone You Can Do Multi-Satellite Scans In Tiger'S The Same Time Because A Good Feature Is Price Of Tiger  Red T10 Grand In Pakistan Market May Be Different You Can Buy Online From Your Favorite Online Shopping Store Read The Software Of Tiger Red T10 Grand

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