Hershman 4000 4K Satellite Receiver - Price, Specifications, Features


Hershman 4000 4K Satellite Receiver

The Hershman 4000 4k Receiver is one of the giants in the field of receivers and receivers in egypt and the arab world, the new Hershman 4k Receiver, in light of the fierce and very fierce competition between the different receivers completely, such as the icon iron pro and the receivers operating in the fork system specifically and in a very large way. through the following article on the new Hershman 4K Receiver with a full explanation of the most important features of the device and the most important servers built into it, in addition to that, the price of the receiver in the egyptian market itself

Hershman 4000 4K  Receiver Specifications

  • Hershman 4000 - 4K Is The Highest And Best Specification For Examining The Image Specifically, Which Is The 4K Image
  • The Receiver Is Entirely Made In Korea
  • The Device Is An Alim 2661 Processor, A Very Powerful Processor
  • High Quality And Very Sensitive Tuner
  • Hershman 4000 - 4K Also Includes Dolby Digital Sound System
  • You Find A Hole In It Because It Is Ready From The Inside
  • Usb Two Slots
  • Av Picture And Audio Output
  • It Can Accommodate Up To 10,000 Channels
  • Time Shift 30 Seconds
  • The Possibility Of Updating The Software Directly From The Device
  • The Possibility Of Updating The Channels Directly From The Device
  • Possibility To Update The Ware Ciphers Directly From The Device
  • It Also Contains 2 Servers
  • Server Forever Sharing
  • Server Cashed
  • It Also Contains Two Iptv Servers
  • General Iptv
  • Apollo Iptv
  • You Can Add And Display More Than One Channel On One Tv Screen
  • Inside The Server You Will Find Many Servers
  • Apollo
  • Mytube
  • X-Tream Tv
  • Net Link
  • General Ip
  • Stalker
  • You Tube
  • Dailymotion
  • Radio
  • Quran Live
  • Network Update
  • Weather
  • Rss
  • Prayer Times
  • Net Photo
  • Dlna

Features Of The Receiver Hershman 4000 – 4K

  • It Also Contains A File Of Channels Equipped With About 20 Satellites In Order, Including Favorites
  • The Ability To Save The Channel File On The Device And Download It At Any Time
  • The Receiver Is Entirely Made In Korea
  • 4 Gb Ram, Divided Into Two Sims, Each 2 Gb Ram X2
  • 16 Megabyte Flash
  • High Tuner In Jeddah And Supports Multi-Stream Services
  • Supports Dolby Digital Audio Technology
  • Integrated With An Internal Karen Lan, So You Can Connect The Internet Wire Directly
  • Equipped With 2 Ports That Support The Recording Feature
  • Hdmi Port Supports 4K Technology
  • Supports Hecvc H.256 . Technology
  • You Will Also Find In It That It Contains The Strongest Sharing Server Ever
  • Supports The Kashid Feature, Through Which You Can Bring Any Server Sharing Free Of Charge To The Receiver
  • Server Apollo Iptv
  • General Server For One Year
  • Iptv To Sat . Feature
  • Excellent Audio Services
  • Internal Time Shift With Video Delay 30/Sec
  • 10 Radio Channels Between Sport Private Sources
  • Supports Professional Translation By Foreign Satellites
  • Dlna Feature To Display The Content Of The Phone On The Receiver
  • You Will Also Find A Satellite Receiver With More Than One Feature To Localize Channels And Save The Channels File On Your Flash Drive
  • It Contains Many Important Applications And Platforms
  • Mytube
  • Xtreme
  • Net Link
  • General Ip
  • Stalker Platform
  • Youtube Youtube
  • Daily Motion
  • Holy Quran Library Quran Live
  • Weather
  • Network Upgrade Automatic Update
  • Prayer Times Prayer Times
  • Net Photo
  • The Device Has An Official Website For Technical Support. It 'S Hirschmann
  • Updates - Softat - And Channel Files

Disadvantages Of The Receiver Hershman 4000 – 4K

The receiver is not android
shame on technical support for not responding quickly to users
the apollo server is very weak
the lack and scarcity of the presence of the receiver to some extent
a very high price, the pricing could have been better than what is currently available
unfortunately, updates for the server are very late and do not help the users of the receiver to take full advantage of it
difficulty in repairing the receiver if it is damaged or something
the manufacturing materials are as much as they are korean, but i see them as very ordinary
the receiver heats up not very much after running for a while, but it is a note that must be said
one of the defects in the Hershman receiver is that the image is not very forky, meaning that the image does not rise to be forky in the known sense, but in the end the receiver greatly supports the format and also the processor supports it, but i am talking about the quality of the image and the differences between the two images in which there is a device like the icon pro and a device like Hershman

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