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Gazal Satellite Receiver All Model Software

Gazal Satellite Receiver All Model Software


Hello Friend How Are You I Hope You Are All Well Welcome To My Website Today I Am Going To Share With You In This Post Download Digital Satellite Receiver Gazal Receiver New Software Update Digital Receiver Manufacturer Gazal Satellite Receiver Software Collection  In This Post, You Will Find All The Software For All The Models Of  Gazal Receiver. New Software Are Updated Here Before Downloading The Software, You Must Read The Details Given Below


Download Digital Satellite Receiver StarMax Receivers New Software Update,

All Satellite Digital Hd 4K Receiver Software Firmware Free Download. Star-Max Satellite Receiver All Model Software 

Features Gazal Satellite Specifications;

Dvb-S/Dvb-S2 Satellite Compliant (Mpeg-Ii/Mpeg-Iv/ H.264-H265)
Scpc & Mcpc Receivable From C/Ku Band Satellites
Universal, Single, Single S & C Band Wideband Lnb
Compatible Code Rates: 1/2, 3/5, 2/3, 3/4, 4/5, 5/6, 7/8, 8/9 And 9/10
Diseq C 1.0/1.1/1.2/1.3(Usals)
Unicable Supported
Blind Search Supported.
Multi-Satellite Search, Network Search, Manual Search
Variable Aspect Ratio(4:3, 16:9) With Pan&Scan Vector Or Letter Box Option
Output Resolution: 480P60Hz 480I60Hz, 576P50Hz & 576I50Hz, 720P50&60Hz, 1080I 50&60Hz, 1080P 50&60Hz
Osd: True Full Colour(32 Bits), 720X576/1280X720(Configurable)
32 And More Favorite Group And Parental Lock Supported.
Favorite Group Add, Delete
Supported Program Lock,
Supported Multi-Language Menu (English. French. Russia. Greek. Italian. Arabic. Farsi. Ukraine, Swedish, Spanish, Turkish, German. Etc)
Support Multi EPG Language
Multi-Language Audio.
Multi-Language Dvb Subtitle Output(Now/Next Daily, Weekly) Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
Teletext And Subtitle Out Though Osd
Software And Additional Data Upgrade Through USB

Available Softwares Name List:

Gazal Uhd 30 4K
Gazal 2022 Pro
Gazal 2023 Pro
Gazal 7100
Gazal 5000 Pro
Gazal Ms-Mini2727
Gazal 2021 Pro
Gazal 999 Max
Gazal 999 Pro
Gazal 7000 Pro
Gazal 999 Ultra
Gazal 999 Gold
Gazal 9000 Max
Gazal Royal 4000|4100
Gazal Royal 5000|5100|5200
Gazal 8000
Gazal Royal 7000|7200
Gazal Royal 8200 Forever
Gazal Ms-2828
Gazal Ms-2626
Gazal Ms-2424
Gazal Ms-2020
Gazal Android 10
Gazal Q999 Plus
Gazal 9000 Plus
Gazal Ms-4030
Gazal Ms-Phoenix
Gazal 9000 Pro
Gazal 2021
Gazal Ms-1919
Gazal Ms-1212
Gazal Ms-6600
Gazal Ms-666
Gazal Ms-1717
Gazal 777X
Gazal 2121
Gazal 2020
Gazal Ms-444
Gazal Ms-7700
Gazal Ms-8000
Gazal Ms-H265
Gazal Ms-999
Gazal Ms-Mini700
Gazal Ms-Z77
Gazal Z77
Gazal T7000 Plus
Gazal T7000 Royal
Gazal T6000 Royal
Gazal Q999 Super
Gazal Q999
Gazal T5000 Plus
Gazal T5000 Royal
Gazal T5000
Gazal T4000 Plus
Gazal T4000 Royal
Gazal T4000
Gazal 888 H265
Gazal 888 Super Ultra
Gazal 888 Ultra Plus
Gazal T3000 Super
Gazal T3000
Gazal T2000 Super
Gazal T2000 Plus
Gazal T2000
Gazal Bnh265

All Gazal Receiver New Firmware  2022 Free Download

Gazal Uhd 30 4K-13/09/2021
Gazal 2022 Pro-24/09/2021
Gazal 2023 Pro-24/09/2021
Gazal 7100-18/09/2021
Gazal 5000 Pro-18/09/2021
Gazal Ms-Mini2727-18/09/2021
Gazal 2021 Pro-9/10/2021
Gazal 999 Max-9/10/2021
Gazal 999 Pro-9/10/2021
Gazal 7000 Pro-19/11/2021
Gazal 999 Ultra-27/11/2021
Gazal 999 Gold-27/11/2021
Gazal 9000 Max-09/12/2021
Gazal Royal 4000|4100-02/12/2021
Gazal Royal 5000|5100|5200-04/12/2021
Gazal 8000-08/12/2021
Gazal Royal 7000|7200-14/12/2021
Gazal Royal 8200 Forever-19/12/2021
Gazal MS-2828-13/09/2021
Gazal MS-2626-13/09/2021
Gazal MS-2424-13/09/2021


Before Start Software Installation On Your Satellite Receiver, Led Tv Make Sure 

To Know Everything About Satellite Receiver Lcd Led Tv Software Installation Process. 

If You Get Any Kind Of Damage Or Data Loss During The Software Installation Process,

 Receiver Info Will Not Be Responsible For That. RECEIVER INFO

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