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Action Receiver Sunplus 1506Tv Original Flash Dump File

Action Receiver Sunplus 1506Tv Original Flash File

Action Receiver Sunplus  1506Tv Original Flash File 

Hello visitor how are you I am going to share with you the original dump flash file of the digital satellite receiver Action Digital Receiver this is the first file of the receiver, if your receiver has any problem then you can file the original thank you very much for visiting our website to download this file the link is given below,

Action Receiver Sunplus 1506Tv Original Flash File


Action Receiver Sunplus 1506Tv Original Flash File


Important Notice: The White Action Receiver Has Two Versions The Same Type Of Processor And The External Shape Of The Receiver. The Difference Between The Two Versions Is The

Bord And Flash The Version That We Have With Us In This Topic Is The First Bearing The Board Number
Mx011 5815M 20190912
Flash Receiver Action New Version Works On The Type Of Processor Sunplus 1506Tv Size 4
Megabytes Number Of Usb 2 And Board
No. Mx011 5815M 20190912 And Charging The Flash Through A Programmer, Charging The Flashes,
And It Is Also Suitable To Pass The Flash Through The Lord
Special Processor Type Sunplus 1506Tv


Flash Information MX011 5815M 20190912
Flash Receiver ACTION  
Processor Type SUNPLUS 
Flash Size 4 MB

Download Flash

PLEASE NOTE. Before Start Software Installation on your, Digital Receiver Led  Lcd TV make sure to know everything about the  Receiver LCD LED TV Software Installation Process. If you get any kind of damage or data loss during the Software Installation Process, ReceiverInfo will not be responsible for that. RECEIVER INFO

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