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Sunplus Chipset 1506FV Hd Receiver All Software With Full Specification

Sunplus Chipset 1506FV Hd Receiver All Software With Full Specification

Sunplus Chipset 1506FV Hd Receiver All Software With Full Specification

Hello To The Person Reading This Post I Am Going To Share With You Sunplus Processors Family Processes Of 1506FV Download All, New 2021 And Old Software Collection And His Complete Full Details And Review Of 1506FV,
Sun Plus Technology Launch Of Different Digital Satellite Dish Receivers You Get Lots Of SunPlus Processors You Can Find Models In The Market But Today I Will Share With You In This Post The Information About The Information And Packages Of  1506FV 4MB Receiver And Its Features And Following Processer

Full Review Of Sunplus 1506FV Hd Receiver

Digital Satellite Dish Receiver Market There Are Many Models Of  1506FV Processors And Each Of Its Countries Has Different Names And Model Numbers But The Process Of All These Models 1506FV How Can You Do Software In Any Model And Every Software Has Different Features

Technical Specifications

  • CPU: Sunplus 1506FV
  • 4Mb Flash/ Rom: 512 Ddr2 
  • Dvb-S/Dvb-S2/Mpeg-2/Mpeg4/H265 Compliant 
  • CVBS/Hdmi Supported
  • USB 2.0 Supported For Multimedia Player Support Pvr, 
  • Diseqc 1.0/1.1/1.2/1.3 (Usual) Support
  • EPG Supported Option
  • Support Full Hd 1080p Hdmi 1.4 2 
  • USB 2.0 Port + Rs232 Cable Port
  • 2 Av & HDMI 1080P Output 
  • Internet Connection Via Wifi Network & 3G, Gprs And Cable Internet
  • Youtube With Multi-Language Searches Option
  • Ecast Option Is Present In Different Software Updates Version
  • Supports Online Update USB Upgrade
  • Support Firmware Upgrade With USB and OTA
  • Simultaneous Translation Feature
  • Multimedia Play Back
  • Support Music Wave Mp3 Asf Aac

Sharing Network

In The SunPlus Processer As Much As 1506FV Of Software Is Available, The Sharing Networks Are Very Different. In It, You Will Get Wifi Network Usb Cable Internet 3G Network Gprs Internet And Wire Internet Network. To Connect To The Internet Network, Press Menu Button From Remote Click On Settings And Click On The Internet Configuration Option The Sharing Network Option Will Open In Front Of You Connect Yourself

Server Option

Sunplus Hd Digital Satellite Dish Receiver Manufacturer Providing Different Server According To The Satellite Package In The Different  Country'S Run On Encryption Satellite Tv Channel Sun Plus 1506FV Processor I To You Dqcam Server Dscam Server  Gshare Plus Server And Nashare, Nashare Pro, Tcam And Provides Another Server And Different Servers Are Available In Every Software To Find The Sarver Option, First You Need To Go To Multimedia And Press 1506 Code After Pressing This Code, You Will Have One In Which You Will Get Server Option Added

IPTV Packages

SunPlus Processor Different Software Version  Provides Different Iptv Packages In Which You Get Free Iptv Packages And Pad Iptv Packages You Put The Code Of Any Pad Iptv In Your Receiver  And You Can Watch Tv Channel Package Of Pad Iptv Will Give You Can Get From Your Seller

Multimedia Option Hide Menu Code

SunPlus Processor Multimedia Hide Menu Code 1506  Multimedia Option In Some Models You May Have Different Code

Sunplus 1506FV Software Download

To Download The Software Of SunPlus Processor 1506FV, You Can Download The Software From The Link Given Below, In Which You Have Been Given The Version And The  Details

How To Install Software In Sunplus

SunPlus Processer You Can Install Software From USB To Install The Software In Your Receiver You Can Also Install The Software Of SunPlus Processor From Off Loader, For Which You Will Need Rs232 Data Cable And A Computer Laptop You Can Recover From The Programmer In Case Of Wrong Software

Software Version         Download
1. 1506FV SVA1 V10.10.26-2 USB CABLE WIFI 3G      


2. 1506FV SOA2 V11.00.25 USB CABLE WIFI 3G


3. 1506FV SGF1 V10.11.28  29 USB CABLE WIFI 3G


4. 1506FV SGC2 V10.06.08-2 USB CABLE WIFI 3G


5. 1506FV SCR2 V10.05.01-2  WIFI 3G


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