SimpleMonitorOff (lock your PC, savnig electricity)



This simple tool switches off your computer screen when you lock your PC, savig electricity. Once the screen hac switched off, you can wake it again by moving your mouse or pressing any key. If you don't then ulock your PC, the program will assume it was woken by accident and, after a short wait, will power  down your displays again. there's no interface and no  settings to worry about, either. 


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Turn your photos into works of art

You can Transform your photos into brilliant works of art.

A new tool in the app for Android and IOS draws on the talents of some of the world`s most acclaimed artists (Vincent van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci). Just tap the camera icon at the bottom of the screen, select Art Transfer  and either take a photo or choose one you've already snapped. The app then presents you with a collection of 23 styles that you can tap to transform your image.

Transform your photos Here ---> Link

Create private Netflix lists (Chrome)


Netflix Private List creates a secondary watch-list on the streaming service, where you candide all the bad TV and trashy films you don`t want anyone else to know you watch.It`s also a useful tool if you share a Netflix account between two people.Install the extension, then log into your Netflix account. 
When you find a show want to add,
rather than selecting the option from Netflix`s interface, press the key 
"~"  on your keyboard (to the left of the 1 key). A confirmation message in the bottom left corner tells you that the show or film has been added.  Your private list appears further down the screen - ours was below `Popular on Netflix`.

How to Pump up the wolume of the web (Firefox Browser)



Some PC have incredibly quiet audio. If you struggle to hear yours, even at maximum volume, try 600% Sound Volume (ClicK Here).

By default, the add-on sets your PC`s volume 100%, but a quick drag along the slider gives it a serious boost, all the way up to - you quessed it - 600%.
This will be invaluable if you have trouble hearing or you simply want to annoy the neighbours by playing Spotify at maximum volume.

Click the extension`s toolbar button (or use the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+V) to see which tabs are playing music. The `100%` button instantly resets
the volume to its default, which is useful if you press play and discover that you`ve left it tunrned up by mistake.

Vivaldi Web Browser



Vivaldi is a Chromium-based web browser, developed by the former CEO of Opera, that`s rapidly growing in popularity. This major update comes with a built-in ad blocker and a tracker blocker (from DuckDuckGo) to stop you being followed on the web. There`s a customisable clock in the status bar and the pop-out video (Picture in picture) feature gains extra functionality. Navigating links on web page using your keyboard (which Vivaldi calls spatial navigation) has been improved, too.


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Super Fast Email Program (Mailspring)



Mailspring is everything an email program should be: clean, uncluttered and super fast. A menu on left-hand side of its simple interface letsyou jump to folders and options, while the centre pane appears on the right. 
In the free version, you can add up to four accountsfrom services lncluding Gmail, iCloud, GMX and Outlook. You can search your inboxes using Google-style search terms, and monitor the popularityof your emails based on the most-opened subject lines, read reciepts and tracking links.

Download HERE 

Netflix Documentaries Watch for Free



Netflix has made some of its best documentaries available to watch for free on Youtube.

Watch Here -> Playlist