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security software for desktopSecurity software is a class of programs used to protect computers (desktop and laptop) and privacy when users surf on the Internet. In this section you can find download links for all presented software. The possible threats are very variate and dangerous: virus infections, spyware software installed by mistake, phishing, malware, Internet Worms, Trojans and hacker attacks. Your security and privacy is very important, so don’t forget to install a good security soft solution on your desktop computer to prevent all these possible problems.
We offer at our website free reviews, advices and test results about this type of  software, splitted in the next class of programs:

antivirus programs

antispyware programs

internet security suite

firewall programs

spam filters

Here you can find security software for protect your privacy, download links, explained tests, free review and full description of the most relevant programs that can help you maintain your privacy against the web threats, if you are a desktop user. All our recommendations are tested by our team so, feel confident and try for free and without any risk, all these security software.