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Computer software (also known as soft or program) is a general term used to describe a collection of computer programs, procedures and documentation that perform some tasks after being installed on a computer system. Without software a computer is practically unusable because hardware cannot communicate without software support. The soft may be classified in two major classes:  paid (commercial) programs and free (open source, GNU etc.) software. You can find here free reviews and advice about how to choose paid programs and free software.

Types of programs

Computer programs is divided into three major classes:

1. System software

2. Programming utilities

3. Application soft

1. System software

Without system soft the computer hardware and the computer system cannot run. In this class of programs are included:

  • operating systems
  • device drivers
  • servers
  • utilities
  • windowing systems

2. Programming utilities

Programming soft is meant to provide tools used to write computer programs. When they compile the programs, test and maintain the project they use various languages and these applications helps them to perform these actions in a more convenient way (like PHP, C++, JavaScript etc.). This category includes many types of programs such as:

  • debuggers
  • compilers
  • interpreters
  • linkers
  • text editors

3. Application software

Application soft is a class of programs which allows end users to run different tasks on a computer machine. This class of programs includes:

  • educational programs
  • business soft
  • computer games
  • telecommunications
  • industrial automation
  • databases
  • medical programs

On our site you can find here free reviews about these applications, a lot of useful advice and many “top ten applications” realized with latest available programs. Of course the majority of programs is paid, but you can find here best interesting suggestions and recommendations about how to choose and download for free all category of software.

The purpose of this site is to present all categories of these programs, sorted by performance (top ten software) and frequently utilised by a computer user.